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Saraelv Wilderness Centre

Stay at our new lodge!




At Saraelv you will stay in a modern, newly built lodge with many modern necessities.  You get the peace and quiet you want and can leave your everyday stresses behind.  Right outside the lodge walls, the wilderness welcomes you with all that it brings.  This wilderness pearl without equal in Europe can tempt you with a rich variety of wildlife up close such as moose, lynx, bobcats, foxes and eagles, all amongst the untouched nature giving you a spectacular  experience.


Here you get the opportunity to experience Arctic wilderness in both summer and winter.  At this secluded place with no disturbing elements such as streetlights and traffic you can really relax, and also in the late autumn and during wintertime you can experience the Aurora Borealis with ease if the weather allows it.  Just imagine sitting in the outdoor jacuzzi, listening to the nature sounds without the disturbing elements of everyday life.


The people who live in the Artic are used to being outside all year long in all weather conditions and this is what we love to share with visitors.

Riverboat tourism at Saraelv was started in 1946 by riverguide Håkon Hansen, and today it is the 3rd generation riverboat guides that takes you out on the river by boat.  We can also provide activities such as hikes, bikerides and fishing trips into the mountains during summer.

During winter we can offer activities such as snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling.