About us

There has been a settlement at Saraelv since the 1930´s, when Severin and Pauline Hansen moved here with their 8 children and livestock.  They made it into a farm from scratch, cutting down trees and working the lands.  They survived on what the land could provide, fish from the river, meat from the surrounding wildlife and berries from the woods.  Post the second world war people also started coming here to fish salmon, experience the wilderness with its steep mountains and gorgeous waterfalls.  At the very end of the Reisa valley there is a canyon and also the very special Imofoss(Imowaterfall).  It is from this that the Reisavalley got the name “mini grand canyon”.  This was the start of Saraelv as a tourist location, small in scale but none the less it was a start.


Rolf Hansen

Owner and CEO, 3rd generation at Saraelv.  He has been involved with the riverboat tourism since he was 12 years old.

Jon Erik Hansen

Owner and riverboat operator. 3rd generation at Saraelv.  Knows the river like his own backpocket.  Has over 40 years of experience as a riverboat operator.

Jim-Roger Hansen

Owner and riverboat operator/guide.  4th generation at Saraelv.  Very capable riverboat operator and guide, service minded and positive.  With Jim-Roger you are in very good hands as well as the rest of us.

Viktor Rundhaug

Owner and riverboat operator/guide.  Positive and always has a good story or two.  Been an employee for a long time and is very capable at what he does.

Martin-André Svestad-Kristiansen

Guide, social media manager, photographer and facilitator.  Positive, loves the outdoors and meeting new people.  Has 5 years’ experience as a guide.